Training course: International Business

Customised training course providing participants with a wide range of strategies for developing international business, and knowledge about different techniques, evolving trends, risks and cultural management.


Irene Heunks Irene Heunks
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Training course: International Business

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Focused on international energy markets, you aim to expand your business, develop new products and markets and build new relationships across the energy industry. In order to do this, it is crucial to have an understanding of the interdependence and structure of the energy industry in other countries, each with their local frameworks, evolving trends, opportunities, risks and key players.

In addition to your knowledge of the energy industry, it is important to be able to assess international markets and define and implement appropriate market access and a business development strategy.

This course focuses on developing the required skills for companies wanting to develop and expand their business in international energy markets. It will provide you with the necessary industry and market insights.

This customised training course is available on request. Please contact us for more information.


  • Introduction to international business
    - electricity markets & international trends   
    - motivations, competences and skills for internationalisation
    - development process   
    - strategy planning process
  • Establishing the operating system of international business development
    - key aspects   
    - role of culture
    - Hofstede’s five dimensions
  • The operating mode of international business development
    - systematic development
    - internal & external drivers
    - practical methods
    - market access strategies
  • Essential competences for international business development
    - access barriers
    - management systems
    - HR management 
  • How to build an international brand
    - marketing
    - sales
  • Capital management for international business
    - finance policy
    - capital procurement & policy, financial planning
    - tax planning & tax systems
    - hedging strategies
  • Risk management for international business
    - integrated approach
    - risk governance & risk management
    - assessment methods

Target Audience:
Commercial, financial, planning, legal and other professionals from the energy industry aiming to increase their knowledge of international business development in the energy industry.