Training course Risk mapping

One-day training course that helps organisations with a basic skillset to start up risk mapping.


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Risk mapping

Training Information

  • Duration:

    1 day

  • Language:

    English or Dutch

  • Course offer:

    This course is available on request

Many organisations have integrated quality management systems. In order to improve the effectiveness of this quality management system, organisations emphasize on identifying and monitoring risks. Linking actual risks to the procedures will link potential weaknesses in the existing procedures. 

This one-day course will provide participants with a basic skillset to start up risk mapping.
It consists of three elements:

  • Explaining the principles of risk management; a short overview of ISO 31000 with a prime focus on the elements and tools that are needed in a risk interviews and the mapping of risks
  • Setting up and conducting risk interviews; providing an interview process, the line of questioning and pitfalls with can occur
  • Practice risk interviews in class room; a role play session

The combination of theory combined with a realistic practical session is a good learning experience.  


  • Skill set
    - following the right process
    - consistent methodology
    - knowing how to use the tools
  • Process
    - introduction to ISO 31000
    - process outline for compliance
  • Methodology
    - risk matrix, core values
    - risk identification & assessment
    - risk follow-up
  • Tools
    - risk universe
    - risk matrix as reporting tool
    - risk register
  • Reporting
    - reporting subjects
    - reporting process
    - reporting formats

Target Audience:
Anyone involved in identifying and monitoring risks.

This course is available on request in the English and Dutch language. Please contact us for more information.